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Wednesday, 4 January 2012
December 30th Journal Entry
Today we had sausages and toast for breakfast again. Straight after breakfast we had to leave for Whangarei to drop Caitlin off. Once arriving at Mc Donald's, Andrea (Caitlin's Mum) walked out to meet us. When we were inside we met Andrea's sister and Niece (Caitlin's Aunty and Cousin). We all got something small to eat/drink. Beckie and Keith stayed behind, so after Caitlin and her family had said goodbye and left in their new Mercedes Benz 4x4, it was just Hannah, dad and I. We went to Countdown for more food, then the warehouse so dad could get flippers and Hannah ended up getting a $5 maths book. We also stopped at some boat store because dad wanted to get some hose for the outboard motor, but the guy was gonna charge dad $75 for it when he could have got in Auckland for a lot less. For lunch we had hot chips on the way back. Once back we read all day and did our own thing, Beckie gave me a book to read it is called The Ranger's Apprentice book 1 The Ruins of Gorlan (It is AMAZING!!!!! I couldn't stop reading it!). I can't remember what happened after that.

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December 29th Journal Entry
Today's breakfast was toast and fruit because we had run out of sausages and juice. Before breakfast Caitlin and I had a shower and I had ran up the hill to text Beckie about bringing Nail Polish remover so I could redo my nails (which I had painted the day before). After breakfast we all grabbed our togs and other stuff we wanted to take away in the car to Whangarei. My mobile died Yestersday on the phone to Beckie so it was charging on the way back. While in Whangarei we got subway for lunch and bought more food at countdown. We also went swimming at the "hot pools". It was freezing cold, even the showers were warmer than the pools. Caitlin and I went in the diving pool outside, we jumped from the 1metre diving board and the 3metre diving board. We also got kicked out of the adults pool (which was supposedly the "spa") because we didn't have an adult with us. We were really angry because it was the only luke warm pool, the others were all freezing especially the diving pool. For dinner we had pasta and sausages again. After dinner we all played cars until bed (along time later). Just before bed Caitlin and I took 2 photos because we had forgotten to do our photos of the day.

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December 28th Journal Entry
Today we had Sausages and toast for breakfast again because nobody felt like having eggs. After breakfast we did my sudoku (Caitlin and I), then we went up the hill to text. Dad picked us up from the hill and took us to the estuary. Caitlin and I had to walk back because he hadn't taken our togs. So Caitlin and I angrily walked back, got our togs and towels and walked back.We went for a boogy-board in the estuary, again the waves weren't big enough, so we went to the big beach. Today we went for a brief swim because we wanted to go back. Once we had washed off, we went back and a REALLY cold shower!!! then we went to the Whananaki beach store (after more sudoku). We all bought different things, I bought a bounty bar and a bag of mixed lollies, Caitlin bought a bag of licorice all sorts and 2 nerdalicious licorice, Dad bought Bread and $6 hot chips which turned out to be puny and Hannah bought a bag of lollies and an ice block. Once we had all bought our food we were driven to a beach in Whananaki South by dad. Once we arrived dad grabbed the butter, tomato sauce and coca-cola out of the boot with our other food (hot chips, lollies etc.) and we went and sat on a grassy patch in the sand to eat lunch. We had chip buddies and coca-cola for lunch, then before we left we went on the actual beach and did gymnastic photos with Hannah trying to do forward rolls on the side of us. After the photos we went back to the campsite but stopped at the store again to get ice and more bread as we had eaten half of the last one. Once we were back we were all in chill-out mode, doing our own thing. Then Caitlin and I did our photos of the day (for gym). For dinner we had pasta sausages and salad. After dinner we did a few more photos, then played on dad's samsung galaxy tablet while we were waiting for it to get dark so we could play spotlight again. Once it was dark it started raining so we couldn't play spotlight, as this was all we were going to do we all went to bed ready to go to Whangarei in the morning.

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27th December Journal Entry
Today we had toast and sausages for breakfast cooked by dad. After breakfast we all got changed into our togs, got in the car and dad drove us over to kings beach (bay just over the hill). Once at kings beach we went to the estuary which is at the opposite end to the big beach. Caitlin and I were boogy-boarding while Hannah was supposedly swimming and jumping in the waves and dad was watching us from the shore. Caitlin and I decide that the waves were too small and that it was freezing, so we wanted to go to the big beach in the bay. Dad agreed because he wanted to go swimming. We went to the big beach and Caitlin, dad and I went boogy-boarding while Hannah played in the sand. Caitlin got cold so she stopped and ate brownies and drank some coca-cola we had brang. While Caitlin was out of the water dad and I went out deep and rode in on a couple of really big waves, then I decided to get out so caitlin wasn't alone. Caitlin and I sat on our boogy-boards and towels eating and drinking, while dad and Hannah made a sandcastle with a hole next to it and the whole had seats on the side that didn't have the sandcastle.Caitlin was really cold so we went to the swing further up the beach (closer to the camping grounds) and brang our stuff and i got Caitlin to sit behind the tree to stop the wind making her cold. then dad had made the feet space (the hole) for the seats bigger as i had complained about it not being big enough. Then Caitlin came and sat in the whole as it stopped the wind but kept her close to us so we could still talk. Next we all had to wash off in the water, go grab our stuff, have a cold shower (the beach showers), then walk to the car. Once at the car I got changed and we got driven by dad back to our camp-site. Once back we had ham (and any other chosen filling) sandwiches for lunch. After lunch (and the dishes) Caitlin and I went up the hill to text our friends and families. Once back down we played games with Hannah. While we were playing games with Hannah in our tent I pushed Hannah because she was being annoying (but just like softly) and she was rolling on my mattress laughing and then she tried to say seriously and angrily "You brokada my back!" (btw this is not bad spelling as my sister is five years old and is fluent in Korean but not fully in English can't speak properly) and me and Caitlin stared at each other and went into laughing fits, we couldn't stop laughing and Hannah was just staring at us trying not to laugh. Later on we had sausages and Alfredo pasta for dinner. After dinner Caitlin, Hannah, Nisha (Hannah's friend from Camp no.11) and I played spotlight on the hill with Dad in our Gazebo but the rules were slightly different we just had to reach the gazebo without dad spotting us and saying our names, if spotted we had to start again. We did two rounds of that game then dad said it was a bit late so we all went to bed.

Btw i think im going to stick with putting like 1 or 2 journal entries up a day coz othrwise it takes too much time and i only rememba at 9pm.

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Tuesday, 3 January 2012
Boxing Day (Day 1 of Journal Entries)
Today I went shopping at St Lukes, Auckland with Caitlin (my Biffle), I bought a new bikini, some mini shorts (blue with rips), a pair of black jandals, a 20pair pack of gold earrings, a pack of 12 pairs of different coloured button earrings, a gold cross necklace (as in the religious cross a symbol of Jesus giving his life for us) and a new hoodie (you know the pullovers that everyone has with names of random city's and places on them) if you don't who cares? After making sure Caitlin and I were home on the dot of 10 o'clock as my dad had insisted he was 49 minutes late, as caitlin and I had been sitting around with our stuff waiting. So we started our journey at 10:49, not really leaving until 11am. We headed off to Whananaki to Mototara Farm (lovely camping grounds btw AMAZING!!!) for our 9 day camping adventure (with Caitlin only staying 5 days sadly :( ).We were in the car forever!!! I swear it felt like days surprisingly enough it was only 5 hours with a brief stop in Welsford for subway (which was lunch), a brief stop in Whangarei (at countdown the place we go every year for food etc. in Whangarei) to get supplies (as in food, drink and other necessities), and a brief stop at the Whananaki beach store for ice, ice-cream, pies and hot chips (pies and hot chips for dinner). Once we reached the camp-site (no. 9 on Barons beach, which we are now permanent holiday makers there from December 26th-January 3rd)Caitlin and I immediately ran up the hill to try and find reception to continue our texting conversations with our friends and tell our mum's we had arrived safely. Once we came back down the hill we put up dad's tent (the Taj Mahal), then the gazebo, we then went to put up my tent when I realised I had forgotten the tent poles, so me and Caitlin had to sleep in dad's tent with dad and Hannah. Once our whole camp was set up we went for a walk around the beach, dad telling us our boundaries (how far we could go without his supervision) and we also played on the swing with Hannah (we meaning Caitlin and I for the swing and everyone for the walk on beach). after we got bored of the swing Caitlin and I decided we had been long enough without reception and decided to go back up the hill so we could text and call our friends and family. After we were back we read and did our own thing until bed (me doing sudoku and writing my journal entry and caitlin reading black roses or something like that). we went to bed a bit early as in 9:30pm because we were tired after the long journey in the car, and ready for another 8 days of adventure (Caitlin only 4).

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Runover of Christmas holidays
Well Merry Christmas everyone hope you enjoyed it and got the presents you wanted.hope you all had a marvellous New Year and have been enjoying your holidays. Over the christmas holidays i went camping in whananaki (just north of whangarei bout 30-40min drive from there). while i was their i wrote a journal entry for each day i thought it was good to keep track of everything i have and will do this year, so as one of my new years resolutions i am going to write a journal entry everyday this year until my 366-day sudoku book runs out.

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Saturday, 29 October 2011
Today was the Nationals training and photo as you all know. we trained from one thirty to five thirty pm, then had a thirty-five minute rest and then had the photo. The girls split up from the guys. we started with relays in groups of five. in the relays we did forward rolls, backward rolls, cart-wheels, sprinting, log rolls, backwards roll turn forwards roll etc. after relays we stretched splits and stretched our back doing bridges. then we did kicks and finished our warm-up.

after warm up we got split up in to groups, the step fives, the step sixes and the seniors. the seniors (which i am in as I am step seven) went to bar. everyone apart from the development programme had to do three routines. the development programme girls didn't have to do routines because they had already trained four hours this morning (eight am to twelve thirty). after routines I had to do kip cast clear-hip circle kip (my low bar).

once bar was finished we went to floor, we warmed up and then did three of each tumble, some leaps and turns.floor was quick and vlad was in a good mood.afterwards we went to beam we had to do one full-routine to show vlad, which all of us didn't realise and had to do another routine to show vlad even though he said "one full-routine" no added "to show me" but oh well. the good thing about beam today was i wasn't that scared about my dismount and managed to do it without much hesitation.

once beam was finished we kinda did nothing (apart from sitting down).we finished training, ate or talked then did what ever we wanted to e.g. playing in the pit, on the tramp, sitting on the tumble-track and talking etc.

later we had the photo (after playing for ages and getting changed). the photos took forever!! first one person kept blinking and it changed who it was each time. the second photo was ok, I think only one person blinked so we had to repeat it. (oh and btw at the start he said only three photos, I think we took about twenty). anyway we got to the seventeenth one I think and Reuben kept blinking but he didn't in this one and then we got to take 3 silly ones where we all did stupid faces and the front row (which I was in) put our hair to the side. once the photos were over we all went home.

I cant wait till Nationals. I am flying down early on Wednesday morning on a Jet-star flight. I am kind of excited but nervous and scared as well even thought this is my fourth time going to Nationals.Hope everything changes when we get down there. hopefully I am calm and relaxed.

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